Benefits of Palm Tree Trimming

Benefits of Palm Tree Trimming

Benefits of Palm Tree Trimming

We love palm trees for more than just their awesome, aesthetic value—we also love them because they are easy to care for. That being said, you’ll need to ensure you’re trimming and pruning your palm tree consistently. Why? Read on!

To Prevent Damage

When to Trim Palm Trees in Florida

If you decide to lean fully into the whole, I don’t have to care for my palm tree thing, know that ultimately, you’re going to run into some problems—and those problems could damage your landscape, your visitors on your property, and even your palm tree itself. As a palm grows, it gets heavier, parts of it die, and it weighs down on the tree itself. If you don’t care about those dead, brown pieces, they’re finally going to break, crack off, and tumble to the ground. We possibly don’t need to tell you how hugely risky this could be for your commercial property—the last thing you want is a piece of palm tree to break off and hit an employee, a client, or a friend. Additionally, if you have parts of your palm tree breaking off, who knows what material damage could be caused—customers’ cars, your other landscape, or even your commercial property.

To Enable Your Trees Thrive

Pruning and trimming your palm trees helps to ensure that there’s nothing in their way to deter them from growing better, stronger, and healthier. Why? Since many varieties of palm trees will get heavier as they grow, weighing down on themselves, possibly causing parts to break or crack off. Just like with other plants, pruning and trimming your palm trees will remove those heavy pieces, that old-growth that’s stumping new growth, and remove the dead waste that’s weighing down on your tree. A properly trimmed palm will thrive! Just be careful not to over-prune or trim—your palm needs those green fronds to help with its food supply (if you cut too many of those off, you could hinder the palm’s growth).

To Prepare for Hurricane Season

This kind of falls under the whole “damage” reasoning, but since this is so poignant in Florida, we wanted to give it a section of its own. When hurricane season hits, it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen—that’s why it’s absolutely crucial to take care of your palm tree pruning before season hits. The final thing you want is 70mph winds whipping around your neglected palm tree—who knows what form of damage that could cause.

To Look Well Maintained

Benefits of Trimming Palm Trees
Of course, this is a reason to keep your palm trees pruned and trimmed. Aesthetics matter, particularly for a commercial property where landscapes make the first impression. Keeping your palm trees pruned and trimmed will make sure that they look tidy and maintained—this shows that you care about your property, your clients, and your commercial business (that’s not a bad thing for business).

How to Trim Palm Trees

Trimming and pruning palm trees do not have to be hugely difficult, but you do want to make sure, above all, that you are not over-pruning or over-trimming. Palm trees need those healthy, young, green fronds to make sure they’re getting a steady food supply, which, in turn, directly contributes to their growth. If you remove too many of those bad boys, you can kiss your thriving palm tree goodbye! Be careful not to over-prune your palms when you start trimming—just remove the dead, heavy pieces that are weighing your tree down.

Not sure how to go about pruning and trimming your palms? No worries. We have got you covered. Affordable Tree Services has many years of landscaping experience in Florida. We are ready to share it with you!

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