Tree Removal in Davie, Florida

Tree Removal in Davie, Florida
Tree Removal Services in Davie, Florida

By working with a tree removal service in Davie, you don’t need a permit to cut trees.

Tree Removal in Davie, Florida

Covering an incredible 35 square miles, Davie is home to more than 103,000 residents and almost as many trees.  As one of the greenest environments in both Broward County and Florida, Davie is one of the few municipalities in the state with a tree population of more than 100,000. There’s barely a home in this town without a tree in the yard.

However, with this thriving population of trees, comes the need for tree services to keep them healthy and helpful. For about 35 years, Affordable Tree Service has been providing quality tree services, including tree removal in Davie.

The Need for Tree Removal Services in Davie

Until recently, Davie residents had to follow strict tree removal regulations. These laws, with only a few exceptions for dead trees and certain species, determined whether you could remove a tree, despite it being on your property. However, after new legislation that prohibits cities from requiring a permit to cut down a tree passed in 2019, you can now care for the trees on your land how you see fit.  All you have to do now to remove a tree is enlist the services of an arborist, and call for tree removal services. Luckily, companies such as Affordable Tree Service offer both these things.

Davie, Florida Tree Cutting Company

Dead trees are a safety hazard and compromise the beauty of your landscape. Let our Davie tree cutting and Removal Company get rid of dead trees in your property.

Despite the value of trees in the environment, there are a handful of various reasons why you may need to remove a tree, including:

  • When a tree dies
  • If a tree looks weak and susceptible to felling by storms and hurricanes
  • When a tree becomes untreatably diseased
  • If a tree violates zoning laws, view ordinances, subdivision rules, or existent easements
  • When there is congestion of trees in one place

When a tree is dead or weak, it becomes an aesthetic liability and a safety hazard. The larger a tree is, the higher its risk of breaking and falling, especially during a storm or hurricane. When a tree falls, it can cause damage to property and injuries to people. Furthermore, dead trees compromise the beauty of the environment and lower the value of a property.

Thinning is the selective removal of trees to reduce congestion. It could be required if your trees are too close to each other. The reasons why you could need to thin your trees are:

Thinning is suitable for tree health and – ultimately – the beauty of other trees and the environment.

Why I Should Call Professional Tree Removal Services

Tree removal gets more dangerous as the size of the tree grows. The process could cause harm to people and property, especially if an unqualified person does it. Medical facilities in Davie hospitalize numerous people every year for gardening-related injuries, many of which are attributable to tree removal.  The best way to handle tree removal is through a professional tree services company.

Additionally, when you remove a tree, you’ll be left with a stump that compromises the beauty of your yard. What’s more, such a stump can be a safety hazard, causing injuries when unwitting people walk near them. Removing stumps allows you to plant a new tree or flowers or construct a driveway or any structure you’d want. At Affordable Tree Service, our professional staff can not only fell your trees, but we can also remove the stumps that this process leaves behind.

We know many homeowners are tempted to try removing a tree themselves; however, for your safety and the safety of your property, you should consider calling tree removal experts.

Choosing the Best Tree Removal Services in Davie

Tree Service in Davie, Florida

After tree cutting and removal, we clean up the surroundings to leave your property as clean as it was.

Upon deciding to let a professional tree removal company handle the job, you’ll find that there are several options in Davie. Unfortunately, this variety has a downside, as it makes it difficult to figure out which company has the best tree removal services in the town. There are several aspects of a company that you should consider before deciding whether it is your best option – and Affordable Tree Service ticks all the boxes:

Affordable Tree Services is an insured and licensed company. Therefore, we will compensate you in the rare case that any damages occur during our visit to your home.

The reason for calling a company such as Affordable Tree Service is to get “professional” help. We rigorously train all of our workers to handle all tree services seamlessly. Furthermore, they know their way around all of our machinery.

Our 35-year-old reputation for quality and reliability in Broward County allows you to rest easy as we work in your yard.  We are even available every day of the year around the clock – even on holidays and weekends. We offer quality, yet affordable services and complete each job safely and on time. No job is too big or too small for us; let our professionals at Affordable Tree Service handle all your tree needs.

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