Tree Trimming in Davie, Florida

Tree Trimming in Davie, Florida

Tree Trimming in Davie, Florida

Tree Trimming in Davie

For trees to remain beautiful and safe in your yard, they need regular trimming. Trust Affordable Tree Service with all your tree care needs in Davie.

Davie is a significantly populous town in Broward County that is mainly known for having the most education centers in South Florida. These institutional buildings boast charming architecture but are beautified even further by the fantastic trees that dominate the yards. Davie boasts a population of about 105,000 trees, which is much more than most municipalities in Florida.

However, to make sure that trees remain assets to you and the environment, you need to trim them regularly. The city’s abundance of trees is why there’s always a demand for tree trimming companies in Davie, such as Affordable Tree Service.

Why You Need Tree Trimming Services in Davie

For trees to remain beautiful and safe in your yard, they need regular tree services, especially trimming. Until recently, local governments actually prevented Florida residents from not only removing but also trimming their trees without permits.

However, according to 2019 Legislation from the Florida House of Representatives, local governments are now prohibited from requiring notice, approval, fees, or permits for trimming, pruning, or removal of a tree on residential property. Pruning of trees improves their appearance, health, and safety.


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    Among the common reasons why people trim trees or remove parts of them are:

    • The tree is dead
    • Part or all of the tree is dying
    • The tree is diseased
    • Trees are overcrowded
    • The tree poses a hazard to surrounding property and people
    Davie Tall Tree Trimming Services

    Our top crane technology guarantees success at all your tall tree trimming needs in Davie.

    Additionally, in a hurricane-prone region such as Florida, you should consider some specific forms of pruning. When you think a particular branch is hanging dangerously and risks being broken and felled in harsh windy weather, you should cut it down. On the other hand, when you want to reduce the susceptibility of your trees to storm and hurricane injury, you should consider several services for your trees, such as crown thinning and reduction, which also improve the overall health of your trees. Deadwood removal will protect you and your property from injury and damage while increasing tree health.

    However, when the entire tree is dead, sick, or dying, you may have to opt for tree removal instead of trimming. Aside from preparing your trees for hurricane-force winds, there are a few other trimming services you can take advantage of, which can help to beautify your property. For a better view, you should consider canopy raising and vista pruning. Root pruning protects your trees from damage during construction or excavation activities. When one of your trees requires pruning, trimming, or removal, enlist the services of a reliable tree trimming service company in Davie, such as Affordable Tree Service.

    Is it Necessary to Call Professional Tree Trimming Services?

    Tree trimming can be dangerous when you don’t have experience with how to do it. However, have you considered that completing such a project without the appropriate knowledge is not only dangerous for you but also your trees?  It requires a certain level of skill and technique to spare the rest of the tree from injury as you do away with the unwanted branches.

    Some injuries take longer to heal, therefore, exposing the entire tree to infestation with insects and disease. Rather than have to remove your entire tree, you should seriously consider hiring professional tree trimming services with a company such as Affordable Tree Service. Our staff is composed of experienced experts who can handle the trimming of your trees carefully and meticulously. What’s more, if you want to shape your trees beautifully to complement your gorgeous home, we have experts with decades of experience in our employ.

    Trying to do it yourself may end up destroying the look of your yard. Take the better option and call our experts for help. When the branches you want to trim are too high up in the tree, you risk harming yourself and your property. A professional company will have the right equipment to handle the job safely. Furthermore, you’ll save valuable time with the help of the best tree trimming services in Davie.

    We also offer stump removal and grinding services for situations where you must remove an entire tree.  Calling professionals to your aid ensures the safety of both you and your property.

    How Do I Get the Best Tree Trimming Services in Davie?

    Tree Service Companies in Davie

    Call us today for artistic tree trimming for your Davie home or commercial property

    In a town with an average tree age of 28 years, you can expect quite a few companies to be vying for your business for tree pruning services in Davie. However, not all companies are created equal. Sadly, many of these companies provide amateurish services and leave your yard worse than it was. Don’t gamble with the safety of your trees and structures; enlist the services of Affordable Tree Service. Our time-tested company has been serving Broward County since 1985. In this time, we have cultivated a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism. All our staff members go through rigorous training so that they are ready to handle any tree service efficiently and safely.

    Our company is licensed and insured so that you’re sure to be compensated in the rare case of any unfortunate accidents. Affordable Tree Service is the best company to handle your trees because our services are top quality, yet affordable. In our decades of operation, we’ve become part of the community.

    Additionally, when you have an urgent tree service need, don’t fret; we offer same-day services. We also provide seasonal service discounts to all our customers. To take advantage of our incredible services, contact us and receive full-service arbor care from
    our dedicated professionals.

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