DIY vs. Professional Tree Pruning

DIY vs. Professional Tree Pruning

DIY vs. Professional Tree Pruning

DIY tree maintenanceMany homeowners try to prune their own trees to save money and get a little exercise or feel productive over a weekend. However, do-it-yourself tree pruning is quite tricky and can even be risky because most homeowners do not have the necessary knowledge or equipment to perform the task correctly.

Why You Should Call A Professional

Dangerous Tools

The arborist’s tools of the trade include ladders, hand saws, and chainsaws – all of which can be dangerous implements when handled by a non-professional and when safety precautions are not observed. Affordable Tree Service arborists are trained to effectively and safely handle the tools of the trade to protect themselves, the customer, and the customer’s property. Additionally, our arborists are fully insured and bonded in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Be safe and call a professional when you need tree trimming services.

Deceptive Appearances

Tree branches can seem to be sturdy and healthy, but looks can be deceiving. If you settle your weight on a dead, rotted branch when you are twenty feet off the ground, it can easily give way, causing severe injury or worse. A trained professional tree trimming service can easily identify rotted branches and unhealthy trees.

Maneuvering Heights

Many homeowners will attempt to prune their own trees with a ladder and a small chainsaw. However, the DIY’er may not consider that he must maneuver the chainsaw and other tools on a ladder while several feet off the ground. A certified arborist will provide professional ladders, tools, and even bucket trucks when needed to get the job done. Moreover, the trained arborist is skilled at working several feet off the ground, and he is protected with safety equipment designed for the job. Don’t risk serious injury by attempting to prune large tree branches. Leave it to the professionals at Affordable Tree Service.

Call a Tree Trimming Company for Best Results

How to trim a tree without killing itWe have all seen videos of the comedic and sometimes tragic results of do-it-yourselfers attempting to cut large limbs or to fell trees. The limb crashes on top of the house or car, causing thousands of dollars property damage, or the falling tree nearly crushes a crowd of bystanders. Tree pruning is an unpredictable task. Professional arborists are trained to assess each trimming or cutting job accurately and then take the necessary safety precautions to protect himself and the property while performing the pruning job. No need to risk life and limb. Call an Affordable Tree Service professional to handle all your tree trimming and pruning projects.

An Affordable Tree Service offers professional tree pruning, hedge trimming, and stump removal services to residential and commercial customers in the greater Safety Harbor, FL area. Our arborists can give your hedges that professionally manicured look to improve your property’s curb appeal. Be the envy of your neighbors with beautifully pruned trees and bushes.

Schedule an appointment with an Affordable Tree Service arborist today. When you don’t know how to prune your bushes, call Affordable Tree Service. We’ll take care of your trees.

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