Do You Need Fort Lauderdale Stump Grinding and Removal?

Do You Need Fort Lauderdale Stump Grinding and Removal?

Do You Need Fort Lauderdale Stump Grinding and Removal?

Excellent landscaping practices require Fort Lauderdale Stump grinding and removal from commercial and residential properties. After cutting down a tree, the stump should be ground into smaller pieces or sawdust, and the remaining parts removed. You can either replace it with foliage, another tree, shrubs, or flowers.

When the entire stump is removed, and you decide to replace it with another tree, you must fill the opening with nutrient-rich substance, place the tree into the opening, and then fill the remaining space with soil. However, planting another tree in place of one that you cut is typically not best practice as the new tree may have issues growing healthy roots to expand accordingly.

To plant flowers or grass, you fill the opening and level it; after that, you can plant matching flowers or grass as you like. You should also apply the necessary fertilizer and watering regularly to allow the plants to get the best start possible.


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    Stump Grinding Company in Fort LauderdaleThere are numerous reasons why tree stumps should be ground and taken out. However, before doing so, you must examine for cables, water lines, pipes, or other utilities laid close by.

    What Is Stump Grinding?

    What is Fort Lauderdale’s stump grinding? Stump grinding is the procedure of using special powered grinding tools with a blade with ten inches in size to grind and cut away a stump slowly.
    Many companies typically grind stumps down four to six inches, but you can request it go deeper. The remaining stump can be left standing, or you may choose to have it entirely removed without grinding. You may also request the removal of some of the roots from the lawn. American Arborists offer solid reasons to remove that stump.

    Why Should Tree Stumps Be Ground and Removed?

    Leaving tree stumps on your lawn produces rotting unattractive eyesores, and they become susceptible to various issues. The reasons for Fort Lauderdale stump grinding and removal include:

    Fort Lauderdale Stump Grinding and Removal

    The other reason to grind the stump is if you are planning on putting up your home for sale. Our tree stumps videos show the whole procedures so you can understand what we can deliver for you.

    Check for Water Lines, Cables, and Pipes

    Before Fort Lauderdale stump grinding and removal, you must contact all utility companies. Each will send a staff member to highlight the layout of cable, water lines, pipes, and any other utilities running underground. It is a regular stump removal practice to ensure we don’t run into them and disrupt service.

    If a utility resource is in the way, either (if it’s possible), ask the utility company to change its position safely, or we will work around this item.

    Will the Tree Grow Back?

    After Fort Lauderdale stump grinding, the answer is “no,” however some species of trees do send up shoots such as:

    • Bradford Pears
    • Hackberries
    • Crape Myrtles
    • Chinaberry Trees

    You can remove or move visible growth from the roots and remaining stump, which will eventually stop shooting once they use up the remaining energy reserves. To kill them quicker, you can use commercial woody stem killers or white vinegar, but if you are not confident about what to do or comfortable with the procedure, you could call us.

    Why Choose Us for Fort Lauderdale Stump Grinding and Removal

    We perform top-notch standards in the industry to give your property the ideal care. Our team of experts pay close attention to detail during every stage of an operation to ensure we do it right. Besides, our prices are very reasonable and will save you money in the long run. View a gallery of some of our projects for visual details of our work.

    Other Year-Round Tree Services

    Affordable Tree Service offers many tree services year-round in South Florida.

    Our commercial and residential tree services include:

    • Aerating
    • Artistic Pruning
    • Clearing
    • Corrective Pruning
    • Diseased Trees
    • Fruit Trees
    • Hauling
    • Thinning
    • Large Tree Services
    • Oak Trees
    • Palm Trees
    • Tree Trimming and Pruning
    • Same-Day Services
    • Seasonal Service Discounts
    • Storm and Wind Damage Repair
    • Trimming, topping and Shaping
    • Stump and Root Grinding
    • Stump Removal
    • Tree Removal
    • Utility Line Clearance
    • Year-Round Services

    We also offer annual tree maintenance plans for residential and commercial properties. Contact us for an appointment for a free appraisal of your needs and an estimate of costs.

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