Key Biscayne Stump Grinding

Key Biscayne Stump Grinding

Key Biscayne Stump Grinding

Property owners in Key Biscayne often require professional and affordable tree services. Located in the southernmost part of Florida, Key Biscayne boasts a large population of both native and exotic tree species, many of which are similar to species found in Crandon National Park. Tree species found in this exquisite residential suburb include Florida Thatch Palm, Silver Palm, and Paurotis Palm. Non-palm tree species include the Tamarind tree, Bald cypress, Marlberry, cinnamon bark, and shrubs.

Most commercial and residential properties in Key Biscayne feature a combination of both native and exotic trees species to demarcate the boundaries of residences, to ornament immaculately manicured lawns, to offer shade and cooling during hot afternoons and to improve air quality. However, despite the wide array of benefits that trees offer, homeowners are sometimes compelled to cut down trees on their premises. Common reasons for cutting down trees include:

  • Trees that hinder the extension of a building and other renovation work
  • Trees that have a serious disease, insect infestation or fungal infection
  • Converting tree lots into wood and timber
  • Trees which are too close to buildings and important amenities such as power lines


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    However, even justified tree removal produces an undesirable byproduct in the form of unsightly tree stumps. These stumps not only markedly lower the aesthetic appeal of residential landscapes, but they are also a source of inconvenience to property owners in this upscale residential suburb. Luckily, Biscayne residents can count on Affordable Tree Service for affordable stump grinding service.

    The Inconvenience of Tree Stumps to Key Biscayne Residents

    Door frame with extensive termite damage

    Door Frame With Extensive Termite Damage from Old Tree Stumps

    When property owners let tree stumps become permanent fixtures in their yards, their presence on a residential or commercial property often precedes myriad undesirable outcomes. These undesirable scenarios include:

    • Tree stumps attract insect pests that feed on wood, including hardwood stump borers, termites, and Carpenter ants. These insects begin by establishing a large colony inside or underneath suitable From their secure stump sanctuaries, termites and carpenter ants then spread to nearby structures and buildings where they cause considerable damage to wooden fixtures and items. Such items and fixtures include floor joists, corner posts, door and window frames, ceilings and wall partitions
    • Stumps also host a variety of biting and stinging insects such as bees, wasps, Argentine ants, and Southern Fire ants. The presence of large wasp and bee colonies within tree stumps can render entire yards inaccessible to both residents and visitors. On the other hand, ants will inflict painful bites on people who get too close to their nests. They will also attack anyone they encounter while foraging for food inside homes.
      Insect control trhough old tree stump removal

      Old Tree Stumps Host a Variety of Biting and Stinging Insects

    • Stumps from infected trees harbor bacterial and fungal plant diseases. When left unchecked, insect pests that frequent these stumps, such as argentine, carpenter, and southern fire ants, can spread the infection to healthy trees and gardens.
    • Tree stumps are a potential liability risk because they can injure kids playing in a yard and workers while carrying out routine maintenance tasks.
    • Stumps can bring about unexpected repair costs when they damage landscaping equipment such as lawnmowers and grass trimmers.

    The above adverse effects are why Key Biscayne residents should seek professional stump grinding services to eradicate tree stumps on their properties. Fortunately, homeowners who hire Affordable Tree Service are assured expert same-day stump grinding service.

    Stump Grinding Service Procedure

    Experienced and qualified Affordable Tree Service work crews use task-specific equipment to offer fast and efficient stump grinding services. The Red Roo SP5014X is one such piece of specialized stump grinding machinery. This self-propelled hydraulic stump grinder features a powerful diesel engine and a 14-inch multi-toothed cutting blade.

    Key Biscayne Stump Removal

    Professional Stump Grinding and Removal in Key Biscayne

    The step by step stump grinding procedure from Affordable Tree Service is as follows:

    1. Once our field team arrives at a residential or commercial property, they begin the job by offloading the stump grinder from a company-branded truck.
    2. An experienced crew member then starts the engine and guides the grinder to the location of the tree stump. He/she then activates the cutting blade and aims it at the stump.
    3. Rotating at a speed of 1350 RPM, the sharp teeth on the circular blade begin to grind up the tree stump from its periphery.
    4. The operator then guides the blade in a left-right motion as it chews through the tree stump. He/she progressively lowers the spinning blade with each completed layer until no part of the stump remains.

    Affordable Tree Service work crews can grind down small tree stumps in less than 20 minutes. Larger stumps can take twice or triple the time required for smaller stumps, depending on their size. Whichever case, Key Biscayne residents can count on Affordable Tree Service for expert stump grinding services from affordable tree experts.

    Advantages of Hiring Affordable Tree Service for Stump Grinding

    Hiring Affordable Tree Service avails several advantages to Key Biscayne residents. These benefits include:

    • A wide variety of task-intensive tree service equipment
    • Friendly customer service available 24/7
    • Professional teams of skilled and experienced crewmen competent in a wide array of stump grinding tasks
    • Affordable Tree Services is fully insured thereby offering homeowners liability coverage
    • Same-day customer service that won’t hurt your budget.

    When you live in Key Biscayne and are looking for cheap stump grinding services, look no further than Affordable Tree Service.

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