Key Biscayne Stump Removal

Key Biscayne Stump Removal

Key Biscayne Stump Removal

Key Biscayne stump removal – Homeowners in Key Biscayne often require professional tree services to care for the trees on their properties. Situated on a sandy barrier Island, Key Biscayne hosts several native tree species as well as an array of exotic varieties,  including Southern Magnolia, Mahogany, Southern Live Oak, Keys Thatch Palm, Florida Thatch Palm, Buccaneer Palm, Australian Pine, and Bald Cypress. Furthermore, some residential and commercial properties near the city’s numerous waterways feature tropical mangrove hammocks.

Palm trees enhance the aesthetic appeal of yards, outdoor patios, terraces, and the general vicinity of both residential and commercial properties. Native tree species, on the other hand, provide shade, cooling around homes and ensure air quality. Some trees, such as Mahogany, Magnolia, and Oak, also provide construction lumber and logs for use in indoor fireplaces. Due to their immense usefulness, a good portion of Key Biscayne residents carry out DIY tree care of the trees in their yards.

While a DIY approach is adequate for short and young trees, most homeowners find it increasingly harder to care for their trees as they get larger. The reason being, the care of large trees involves a myriad of difficult equipment-intensive tasks, which include branch removal, tree lopping, crown reduction, root trimming, stump grinding, and stump removal. Stump removal, in particular, requires task-specific machinery and a competent tree service crew to carry out properly. Luckily for Key Biscayne Residents, Affordable Tree Service offers efficient and economical stump removal services.


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    Tree Stumps Attract and Harbor Destructive Insect Pests

    Key Biscayne stump removal avoids winged Carpenter ant invasions

    Old tree stumps attract and harbor destructive insects and Pests

    Stumps in yards can take several years to rot away completely. During the decay period, tree stumps often attract various destructive insect pest species, which then build nests. As physical dwellings, nests grant insect pest colonies the ability to survive the standard chemical control methods used by property owners in Florida. Destructive insect species that tree stumps attract include Hardwood Stump Borer beetles, Argentine ants, Southern Fire ants, Carpenter ants, and termites. Take a look at a few of the ways tree stumps in a yard often precede destructive insect pest infestations.

    • Tree stumps act as food sources for insect species that feed exclusively on wood, such as Carpenter ants, termites, and stump borer At the onset of spring, swarmers, such as termites, emerge from established nests to seek out suitable locations for new colonies. These swarmers will typically settle on any tree stumps they encounter after a long flight from the original nest.Queens then pair up with viable males, get fertilized, and embark on establishing a fledgling colony in the vicinity of a tree stump.As the colony enlarges, these destructive insect species will begin to make forays into houses, buildings, and any nearby structures where they can cause extensive damage. Alarmingly, the vast majority of Carpenter ant and termite infestations start in this manner.
    • The Need for Tree Stump Removal in Key Biscayne

      Stinging insects from tree stumps

      Tree Stumps can also host a variety of biting and stinging insects, which include wasps, bees, Argentine ants, and Southern fire ants. As in the previous scenario, wasp and bee swarmers often pick out tree stumps as viable locations for new colonies. In less than two weeks, these two stinging insect species can build large nests with hundreds of occupants.On the other hand, swarmers from established Argentine and Southern Fire ant colonies build nests in old tree stumps because such stumps often feature hollow spaces within them. Within a week, new Argentine and Southern Fire colonies begin sending out worker ants on food-foraging raids to pantries, gardens, and dry-food stores in nearby homes.A consequence of this foraging activity is that these ant species inflict not only painful bites on anyone they encounter but also cause considerable food waste in homes.

    Homeowners should, therefore, promptly remove any tree stumps on their property to prevent destructive insect pest invasions. Fortunately, Affordable Tree Service offers cost-effective stump removal service to Key Biscayne residents. Experienced work crews armed with task-specific equipment provide expert same-day stump removal service.

    Why Stump Removal is a Beneficial Tree Service in Key Biscayne

    • Complete removal of tree stumps makes it possible to attain flawless aesthetic appeal in yards
    • Homeowners can rest assured that new trees will not regrow from cut stumps
    • Stump removal does not use chemicals and is, therefore, environmentally friendly
    • Stump removal permanently destroys insect nests and colonies
    • Stump removal is useful in the complete eradication of disease containing tree debris

    Advantages of Hiring Affordable Tree Service for Stump Removal in Key Biscayne

    Affordable Tree Service is your go-to company for stump removal services for the following reasons:

    • Task-specific equipment for small, large and multi-stump jobs
    • Affordable stump removal services for customers
    • Quick to respond and same-day stump removal service
    • Professional tree services for both residential and commercial properties in Key Biscayne
    • 24/7 customer support from a team versed in the latest tree services
    • Qualified, certified and experienced field teams
    • Comprehensive liability insurance for all field personnel and equipment

    When you are a Key Biscayne resident looking for a company that will provide expert, affordable, and efficient stump removal, look no further than Affordable Tree Service.

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