Miami Beach Stump Grinding

Miami Beach Stump Grinding

Do You Need Stump and Root Grinding Services?

Miami Beach Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Service

Our stump grinding services in Miami Beach are customized to property owners’ needs, with crushing heights ranging from 1 to 12 inches below the soil.

Stump and root grinding are not typical homeowner yard chores. Instead, you should leave these specialized jobs to the professionals. Grinding is a process that removes the stump without removing its root system. A stump grinder grinds and cuts the stump into sawdust that is removed from the site. An experienced company can take a stump down to your desired height, typically anywhere from one inch to twelve inches below the soil.

Grinding a stump does not leave a gaping hole like stump removal. As the stump decomposes, it mixes with the soil. However, if the stump contains a fungus or plant bacteria, it must be removed, and the sawdust/mulch safely discarded. Failure to do this can kill the root systems of other neighboring plants. Keep your property in Miami Beach clean and neat with our stump and root grinding services.


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    Why Tree Stumps and Roots Need Grinding

    Once a tree is cut down, whether at the present time or months or years ago, grinding the stump removes it from sight. There are other reasons to grind a stump on your property as well, including:

    • It is a hazard for tripping or hitting with a lawn mover or sidewalk edger.
    • The stump can be a haven for ants, ground bees, fungus, bacteria, or pests.
    • It can develop into an eyesore that brings complaints.
    • Existing roots may be above the ground and present a hazard for walking and mowing.
    • If you live in a homeowners association, removal may be required.
    • Some cities have ordinances that require their removal.
    Miami Beach Tree Stump Removal Company

    Tree stumps and existing roots above the ground present a hazard for walking and mowing. Solve this today with our specialized root and stump grinding services!

    Additionally, you may want the stump ground down below the soil for personal or aesthetic reasons, such as planting flowers, grass, and vegetables, or for building a fence or water fountain in place of the stump. To do so, you should fill in the hole with dirt, organic matter, and fertilizer, and then you can plant or build away. Just make sure the stump is free of any fungus or other growth that can potentially harm your new plants.

    Removing Stumps and Roots Is Not Always Necessary

    Stump grinding is preferable to stump removal for several reasons, including:

    • The work is much easier and faster.
    • The job uses efficient tools and equipment.
    • The process is neater than stump removal.
    • It costs much less to grind stumps and roots than to remove them.
    • Grinding is a more environmentally friendly process.

    Stump removal is a more involved process that requires pulling and removing it from the ground. The work requires the use of heavy force compared to grinding and is potentially more dangerous. While removal does eliminate the stump and its major roots, leaving little to no chance of sprouting from what remains, this is typically only necessary when the stump is infected, or it is in the way of another project.

    Spare yourself the effort and expense of removing a stump when it is not necessary. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to know when only grinding is needed. We work for your best interests every step of the way.

    Stump and root grinding are not typical homeowner yard chores. Instead, you should leave these specialized jobs to the professionals.

    The Cost of Grinding Stumps and Roots

    Affordable Tree Service Company in Miami Beach

    Have your Miami Beach property’s tree stumps ground at a price as little as $75 per inch!

    There is no one pre-determined cost for stump removal because of the variables involved:

    • Diameter of the stump
    • Type of soil
    • Age of the tree or stump
    • Size of the roots
    • Number of stumps
    • Depth of grinding

    In a comparison of the cost for stump grinding vs. stump removal, removal typically costs more, but there may be a minimum service charge for either grinding or removal. Some companies offer a discount on additional stumps you need ground or removed from your property. Stump grinding ranges from $75 to several hundred per each, and stump removal ranges from $350 to $700. Unusually large stumps that take more time to grind or remove cost more. You should also ask if there is an additional charge for removing the debris.

    Why You Should Choose Us for This Service

    Miami Beach Tree Cutting and Stump Removal Services

    With 35+ years of experience in root & stump grinding and removal, Affordable Tree Service guarantees you the best results at a friendly rate. Talk to us today!

    Affordable Tree Service has been serving the needs of Miami Beach home and business owners since 1985. We offer a wide range of tree services in Broward and Miami-Dade counties that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Here’s why you should choose us for this work:

    • Our team members are certified professionals for stump and root grinding.
    • We use the best tools and equipment for the job.
    • Our team thoroughly cleans up after the work is complete.
    • We use the safest procedures in the tree service industry.
    • We are licensed and insured for your protection.

    Our friendly experts will meet you on location for a free analysis and estimate of all costs for our services. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we offer many reliable services that are accurate, prompt, efficient, and affordable. We understand the local tree environment in South Florida and will assist you with keeping your trees and property attractive and healthy.

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