Stump Removal Services in Miami Beach

Stump Removal Services in Miami Beach

How to Find Tree Stump Removal Services in Miami Beach

Trees in South Florida grow old and die, become damaged in storms, or develop diseases and need to be cut down and their stumps removed. If you need one or more stumps removed from your property, let us be your tree company near me. Affordable Tree Service has over 35 years of experience in the Miami Beach area serving the needs of both home and business owners.

Miami Beach stump removal

Tree and stump removal are typically not jobs for amateurs because the work is difficult, and many people injure themselves by tackling this project themselves. That’s why you need to hire professionals who do a safe and complete job at affordable prices. We accept projects from small residential jobs to multi-acre commercial stump removal. Our team has the expertise to deal with all types of trees in South Florida.


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    When It’s OK to Grind Stumps Instead of Removing Them

    In limited cases, grinding stumps instead of completely removing them and their roots is sufficient. The reasons for only grinding any type of tree stump include:

    • When it’s free of fungus, bacteria, or other plant diseases
    • You are not going to plant something over the space
    • When you want the grinding byproducts to use as mulch
    • Your budget is too small for removing the stumps and roots

    The significant issue with only grinding a stump is it may start growing back. Believe it or not, some of them will sprout many shoots, and one or more can become a new tree in time. The stump’s diameter, type of tree, age, soil conditions, and the size of the root system are key factors in choosing between grinding and removal. Our team provides a free analysis and estimate of all costs. See what some experts have to say about tree stump removal.

    When Stump Removal Is Preferable Over Grinding

    Removing Tree Stumps in Your Miami Beach Property May Be Preferable Over Grinding

    Stump removal services include clearing the entire stump and the tree’s root ball, which can grow 4-9 times the size of the tree. This frees your property to do much more compared to just grinding them below the soil level. Here’s why you should consider stump removal instead of grinding:

    • You want to plant something in its place, such as another tree or shrubs
    • When you want to run irrigation lines or other utilities through the spot
    • Stumps attract insects, vermin, and other pests
    • An old stump can be an eyesore
    • There is a chance the tree will grow back from the stump or roots
    • Some roots are damaging sewer pipes, pushing up sidewalks, or cracking your patio
    • You plan to sell the house and want to make the yard as presentable as possible
    • Termites live in old tree stumps and can invade your house

    Let us help you determine the extent of any damages so we can completely remove the stump and any troublesome roots.

    “We are trained to perform all additional tree services, including tree removal, thinning, pruning, storm and wind damage repair, soil aeration, clearing, and hauling.”

    How We Remove Tree Stumps in Miami.

    Affordable Tree Service Near Me team uses the most advanced stump grinding and removal equipment in the tree service near me industry. Our customers either need a tree cut down and the stump removed or removal of an existing stump. Either way, we carry out the service safely and effectively. Additionally, we make sure the removal does not negatively impact the surrounding area.

    Larger trees typically need bigger limbs removed before felling the tree to make the process safer. Next, we cut down the trunk and then load the limbs and trunk onto a truck. The last step is to remove the stump and roots, followed by covering the holes. When we remove your stump, we can also discuss yearly tree maintenance services for the remaining trees on your property.

    Why Choose Us for This Service

    Our tree trimming services near me are highly rated by our customers and other tree service companies. No job is too small or too large for us to tackle, and, based on your preferences, we can communicate each stage of the removal with you. We are qualified to work for you because:

    Get Miami Beach Tree Stump Removal at an Affordable Cost

    • Our company is fully licensed and insured.
    • We are committed to excellent tree care.
    • We carefully choose our equipment to have the least amount of impact on your grass.
    • Our technicians are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled in the industry.

    We are trained to perform all additional tree services, including tree removal near me, thinning, pruning, storm and wind damage repair, soil aeration, clearing, and hauling. Our customer testimonials reveal the extent of our fine-tuned work, and you can enjoy the same high-quality services. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists.

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