Stump Removal Services, Miami

Stump Removal Services, Miami

Stump Removal Services, Miami

Tree services in miamiApart from being the administrative center of Miami-Dade County, the city of Miami is also the leading economic, cultural, and financial hub of the entirety of South Florida. Even more prominently, Miami has the second-highest tree population of all cities in Florida, with the latest statistics recording 463,347 trees.

Over the past decade, the city’s residents and government have displayed admirable dedication in furthering the tree canopy coverage for a healthy urban environment. Many organizations have joined hands with the government in a bid to raise the tree canopy coverage of the city to 30%.
Nonetheless, like any other life form, trees die. Some get sick, while others fall victim to harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and hurricanes.
When they’re gone, trees leave stumps, which present a problem to homeowners and property managers.
In such cases, it is wise to contact a stump removal company in Miami.

Why Would You Need to Call Stump Removal Services in Miami?

Unlike trees, stumps are much less complicated to remove from your property. The government of Miami protects its trees with outstanding dedication, which makes getting rid of a tree arduous. You need a tree removal permit from the government, which in turn requires confirmation that the tree presents a safety hazard. Stumps, on the other hand, can be removed at will.


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    While thinking about what to do with your stumps after removing a tree, you may be considering leaving your stumps in place, but this has its downside. You may need stump removal services in Miami for any of the following reasons:

    • Although you may treat a stump with weed-killing substances, new shoots can still grow and be a headache to deal with.
    • Stumps in the lawn pose a trip hazard to everyone in your household.
    • Roots of the stumps can present problems when digging borders and planting new trees.
    • Stumps are susceptible to diseases such as honey fungus, which may affect other plants and grass in your lawn.
    • Stumps reduce the aesthetic value of yards, making them appear crude and neglected.
    • Stumps may compromise the monetary value of your property since developers prefer clear land for construction and other purposes.

    Should I Remove Stumps Myself?

    Stump removal is a difficult task since most trees have meandering roots with robust holds in the ground. While you can remove tree stumps by yourself, it is essential to understand that the larger the tree, the more extensive its root system will be, and the bigger the job you will have.

    Usually, a stump will take days to remove successfully using household tools. On the other hand, buying proper stump uprooting machinery will cost a fortune. The only rational course of action is to hire professional stump removal services in Miami.

    Professional Stump Removal Services in Miami

    Difficulty of Attempting DIY Stump Removal Hiring a professional stump removal company may involve a higher cost than doing it yourself. However, it makes much more sense to go this route as such companies have all the right equipment and experience. Furthermore, the best stump removal companies, such as Affordable Tree Service, Inc., will offer you comprehensive services, from tree removal to stump uprooting – even stump grinding.

    You can hire a company that will remove your tree and stump in full and leave your yard looking as good as new. In 2018, a family was required to pay a $24,000 fine for – among other transgressions – leaving the log of a tree they cut in the sidewalk.
    Having a tree and stump removal company deal with everything is a wise choice and can help you avoid any legal troubles. When the tree is long gone, but the old stump remains, you can call a company for stump removal services only.

    What Are My Options for the Best Professional Stump Removal Services in Miami?

    Miami Stump Removal Services Once you’re sure that you want that stump gone, you must set to the task of choosing the best company for the job. With an incredibly high tree population, Miami understandably has its fair share of stump removal companies. However, you need to choose the most reliable one for the best results. Some companies will leave your lawn badly damaged while others will overcharge and offer substandard services due to inexperience.

    A good stump removal company, such as Affordable Tree Services, Inc., will offer reliable and affordable services. We have been providing comprehensive tree services for residential and commercial properties in Miami for 35 years, and have made a name for ourselves in the city by offering safe and professional services.

    If you are looking to enhance the look of your yard by removing a stump of a tree that you probably forgot about when you got rid of a tree, Affordable Tree Service, Inc is the best company to do that for you. We guarantee the best service while observing stringent safety precautions. Reach out to speak with one of our experts.

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