Miami Tree Removal

Miami Tree Removal

Miami Tree Removal

Miami has magnificent, almost carpet-like tree cover over many parts of the city. In the entire State of Florida, only Jacksonville surpasses Miami’s tree population. This phenomenon explains why one of the best tree service companies in the country is based here.

Miami Tree Removal

Miami has always protected its trees, Over the years, the city has created many regulations to protect its canopy and created many hurdles to regulate and marginalize tree felling. When you need a tree removed from your property, contact a tree removal company in Miami.


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    Why You Need Tree Remoal Services in Miami

    Miami has an extensive tree community and has been working toward achieving a 30% tree canopy coverage. Countless organizations have launched tree planting initiatives aimed at increasing the tree population. However, as everyone strives to add to this population, there will always be the occasional need to remove a tree.

    The following are some of the reasons why you may need to get rid of a tree:

    • A tree violates zoning laws, view ordinances, subdivision rules, or pre-existing easements.
    • A tree is weak and susceptible to falling especially with strong winds or a hurricane.
    • A dead tree poses a potential safety hazard as it could break and fall on someone.
    • A tree is irreparably sick and may spread diseases to other trees.

    Miami Tree Removal

    Florida is susceptible to harsh weather, with several hurricanes hitting the state in the past. Miami felt the effects of Hurricane Irma in 2017. Such acts of God leave more damage when there are weak and sickly trees in its path. If you have such trees on your property, make sure that you contact a reliable provider of tree removal services in Miami, such as Affordable Tree Service, Inc, before it’s too late.

    Should I Cut the Tree Myself – Do I Need to Call Tree Removal Services?

    Property owners often think that it sounds like an excellent idea to fell the tree they want to get rid of by themselves, and many people who have the necessary tools attempt this regularly. However, did you know that statistics by American Tree Service Supply attribute more than 30,000 injuries to gas and electric chainsaws?

    Dangers of Cutting Your Own Tree With Axe or Chainsaw

    DIY tree removal exposes you to injuries and your property to severe damages

    Here are some of the most common tree cutting accidents that you expose yourself and others to when you attempt a DIY tree removal:

    • Falling trees or branches striking people and causing injury.
    • The person may fall off the tree or ladder.
    • Electrocution may occur if the tree one is felling is close to powerlines.
    • Impact injuries occur when one is thrown or pinned against a tree or other structures.
    • Cuts to the body are quite common when using manual tools.
    • Amputations may happen when using chippers, chainsaws, and other equipment, causing you to lose fingers or limbs.
    • Eye injuries are common, especially when wood chips and sawdust flies into the eyes, causing corneal abrasion, scratches, or cuts.
    • Scrapes are also frequent, with most tree barks being very rough. Splinters and dirt penetrating the open wound make it susceptible to infections.
    • Bites and stings from insects and animals that are in the tree.
    • Poisoning may occur when the tree cutter comes into contact with poison oak, poison ivy, and other poisonous plants that grow on and around the tree.

    The paramount reason that justifies tree removal is avoiding personal injuries and damage to property. Stay safe and enlist the help of professional tree removal services. Professional tree cutting services have all the right equipment and trained tree experts to handle tree removal.

    The Best Tree Felling Services in Miami

    Professional Tree Removal Services in Miami

    Tree removal is an intricate process that needs experience to be handled correctly. This is why you need to hire proven professional tree removal company and tree cutting experts for your tree trimming services. Even though Miami may have several tree removal companies, our company, Affordable Tree Service, stands out.

    We have built an exceptional reputation reflected in our stunning reviews serving the residents of Miami for over 35 years.

    We rigorously train our teams so that they provide satisfactory and professional services. Over our decades of service, we have always been reliable and affordable. Our licensed and insured company offers top-notch services, even on holidays and weekends.

    We provide comprehensive tree services, from tree maintenance and felling to stump removal and grinding. There is no better tree company to call for the best tree removal services than Affordable Tree Service, Inc. Contact Us today to speak with one of our experts.

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