North Miami Beach Stump Removal

North Miami Beach Stump Removal

North Miami Beach Stump Removal

North Miami Beach, an upscale residential suburb, abounds in exquisite homes and pristine residential buildings. Many of these private residences feature immaculately manicured lawns and stunning tree landscapes. Some properties make sole-use of the various exotic palm tree species that thrive in Florida while others feature both exotic and native tree species. Tree species found in North Miami Beach include Alexander Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Foxtail Palm, Mahogany, Southern Red cider, Southern Magnolia, and Buttonwood. However, as a consequence of the trees on their properties, residential and commercial property owners in North Miami Beach often require stump removal, crown trimming, tree lopping, and other essential tree services as part of routine tree care.

Miami Beach stump removal service removes unsightly tree stumps from yards

When left bare, tree stumps can cause a long-term nuisance

North Miami Beach residents are aware that trees provide a wide array of different benefits, which include cooling of the ambient temperature around homes, shade during hot afternoons, windbreakers along property lines, and removal of air pollutants. Despite their undeniable value, situations do arise that necessitate the cutting down of trees. These scenarios include:

  • Trees with severe crown dieback due to insect pest infestation
  • Diseased trees within tree lots or fruit orchards
  • Trees that pose a safety risk to passersby and nearby structures
  • Trees growing too close to or directly below power lines
  • Trees that feature vast root networks that infringe on nearby buildings and structures

Even when warranted, tree felling produces tree stumps that later become a long-term nuisance to both residential and commercial property owners in North Miami Beach.

Why North Miami Beach Residents need Professional Stump Removal

Stump removal in Miami Beach prevents termite infestation

Property damage by termites from old tree stumps

When property owners let tree stumps become long-term features in their yards, these stumps become a source of concern for homeowners when the following happens:

  • Destructive and insect pests, such as termites, wasps, Southern Fire Ants, Argentine Ants, and Hardwood Stump Borer Beetles, build nests within old decaying tree stumps located on residential and commercial properties.
  • Concealed stumps trip and injure children while playing outdoors or harm people using an unfamiliar yard for recreational activities such as jogging
  • Hidden tree stumps abruptly stop the spinning blades of yard maintenance equipment, such as lawnmowers, grass trimmers, and so forth.

Luckily for North Miami Beach residents, hiring professional stump removal service from Affordable Tree Service promptly resolves and prevents the above undesirable outcomes. We provide budget-friendly stump removal services for both residential and commercial properties in this suburb.

Stump Removal Process from Affordable Tree Service in North Miami Beach

When you place an order for a stump grinding or removal service from Affordable Tree Service, we promptly dispatch an experienced field team to your location. Our work crew comes equipped with specialized machinery dedicated to the removal of tree stumps. The Stump Splitter is one such task-specific piece of equipment that attaches to the hydraulic arm of an excavator.

Excavators with task-specific attachments carry out stump removal in Miami Beach

Professional tree stump removal in North Miami Beach

Below is a detailed step-by-step procedure involving the use of the Stump Splitter attachment to carry out stump removal.

  1. Upon arrival at a job site, Affordable Tree Service work crews embark on unloading the excavator and task-specific Stump Splitter attachment from an Affordable Tree Service truck.

Affordable Tree Service, typically, allocates a full-sized excavator for large stump removal operations featuring multiple tree stumps. However, a truck-mounted hydraulic arm is often sufficient for small stump removal jobs.

  1. Once the excavator is safely on the ground, our crew proceeds to connect the task-specific attachment to its arm. An experienced crew member then starts the engine and guides the powerful piece of equipment to the location of the stumps.
  2. The operator then begins using the stump splitter to dig around the stump and progressively rip away large pieces. In this manner, Affordable Tree Service work crews remove small stumps in a matter of minutes.

Large stump removal jobs often necessitate that crew members operate stump removal equipment in shifts. This way, we can offer same-day removal for multi-stump jobs to North Miami Beach residents.

  1. At the completion of the stump removal, an operator maneuvers the excavator back on the carrier truck. Doing so allows for a cleanup of the worksite.

North Miami Beach residents can rely on the ample experience of Affordable Tree Service company for expert same-day stump removal service.

Benefits of Hiring Affordable Tree Service for Stump Removal

North Miami Beach property owners who hire Affordable Tree Service for stump removal get to experience several benefits, including:

  • The attainment of flawless beauty within yards after the removal of unsightly decaying tree stumps
  • The complete destruction of insect nests housing destructive insect pest species, such as termites, Carpenter Ants, and Hardwood Stump Borer Beetles
  • The total eradication of stinging and biting insect colonies established within rotting tree stumps which include wasps, Southern Fire Ants, and Argentine Ants
  • Effective removal of potential pathogen-carrying tree debris after infected trees are cut down insect pest species housed within tree stumps, including fungal, bacterial, and viral tree diseases.

As a North Miami Beach resident, you should look no further than Affordable Tree Service for affordable and comprehensive stump removal package deals.

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