Pembroke Pines Tree Removal

Pembroke Pines Tree Removal

Pembroke Pines Tree Removal Service

Pembroke Pines Tree Cutting Services

A professional tree cutting company will handle your Pembroke Pines tree removal application needs and eliminate trees from your property efficiently.

Pembroke Pines is a beautiful city in Broward County and is the 10th largest municipality in Florida, surpassing over 400 others in the state. As a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines offers its population of over 168,000 a perfect blend of an urban and suburban feel.

The first mayor of Pembroke Pines was responsible for suggesting the city name, recognizing the pine trees that stood along Pembroke Road. More than half a century later, Pembroke Pines is still a city that treasures its vegetation – particularly the trees. In fact, tree removal has, for a long time, required permits and a meticulous process, which always culminates in the replacement of the tree within thirty days. While it would be nice never to have to take down a tree, they can need removal due to various reasons such as illness and safety concerns, among others. In such cases, your best course of action is to contact a tree removal company in Pembroke Pines.

The Need for Tree Removal Service in Pembroke Pines

City ordinances regulating tree trimming and removal have evolved with time in Pembroke Pines.  Until recently, the city had tree-removal governing laws that were put in place in 1974. Although the authorities didn’t start enforcing them until a decade later, these laws protected trees against removal. The law even protected a tree on your property, and you could face prosecution for removing it without first acquiring a permit.

Despite their worth, some trees need removal when various factors come into play. You may want to call a tree removal company in Pembroke Pines when a tree:

  • Becomes irremediably sick or diseased
  • Violates zoning laws, subdivision rules, view ordinances, or pre-existing easements
  • Becomes an aesthetic liability, making your yard look unkempt
  • Looks weak and bound to fall in case of strong winds or a hurricane
Tree Cutting and Removal Company in Pembroke Pines

Like dead trees, sick, weak and inconveniently located trees are a threat to your safety. Let our tree service company in Pembroke Pines take care of your tree removal justification and eliminate such trees safely.

Sick and weak trees present a safety hazard in Pembroke Pines more than most places as we regularly experience the effects of hurricanes. Recent hurricanes, including Hurricane Irene, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina, and Wilma, prove just how prone the city is to extremely harsh weather.

However, despite the danger they pose, the Pembroke Pines authorities expected you to acquire a permit – which could take some time – before removing a tree.

Luckily, in 2019 the Florida Senate passed a bill on Private Property Rights that bans local governments from regulating tree removal on private property. Now when you want a tree gone, all you have to do is hire an arborist to ascertain the danger it poses. Then, you can call a reliable provider of tree removal services in Pembroke Pines, such as Affordable Tree Service, Inc.

Do I Really Need to Call Tree Removal Services?

Trees that threaten to fall pose a grave danger to anyone or anything standing or passing close by. In this situation, you need to get rid of a tree quickly.

You may feel confident in your ability to handle tree felling and removal. However, the bigger the tree is, the more dangerous it could be. A falling tree can injure you and others as well as damage nearby structures. Every year, hospitals in Broward County receives dozens of inpatients for injuries suffered during tree removal.

Felling trees requires a high level of expertise to make sure that wherever the tree lands is devoid of useful structures, plants, people, or objects. Tree and stump grinding after felling the tee can prove troublesome too. It is for all these reasons that it is crucial to hire a professional tree removal company to handle the task.

Searching for Professional Tree Removal Services in Pembroke Pines – What Are My Options?

City of Pembroke Pines Tree Cutting Services

Call us today and benefit from our top-of-the-class tree removal technology and 35+ years of tree cutting and removal in Pembroke Pines.

Upon deciding that you need help removing a tree, the next task is finding the best tree services near you. Although a city with as many trees as Pembroke Pines has several tree removal companies, not all of them are reliable. Leaving such delicate work in the hands of unqualified or mediocre personnel isn’t a gamble you want to make. The ideal tree removal company should offer both affordability and reliability. At Affordable Tree Service, Inc., we have consistently served Broward County with both these qualities for 35 years.

We put our teams through intensive training to guarantee top-rated services and are an insured and licensed company.  We always complete our tasks on time and leave you pleased with our Pembroke Pines Tree Cutting services. Contact us today to have your tree removed by the experts.

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