Pembroke Pines Tree Services

Pembroke Pines Tree Services

Pembroke Pines Tree Services

Pembroke Pines Tree ServicesPembroke Pines Tree Service – Pembroke Pines is the second-most populous city in Broward County and the eleventh in Florida. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit and pushed many residents from the southern part of Miami-Dade County to Pembroke Pines. With its ever-growing population and splendor, it remains a central city in the Miami metropolitan area.

However, it isn’t just the human population that is thriving in Pembroke Pines; the trees are as well. This is a commendable achievement since many cities, even smaller ones, have seen their trees die out. This resilience may be attributable to the longstanding laws in the city that have protected trees since the 1970s. However, as people and trees coexist, there has and always will be a need for tree services in Pembroke Pines. At Affordable Tree Services, we have been filling this need for 35 years with a professional and seamless operation.

The Persistent Need for Tree Services in Pembroke Pines

Trees have been an integral part of Pembroke Pines since its incorporation as a city in 1961. In fact, it ranks among the 15 most tree-populated cities in Florida, with 170,712 trees that have an average age of 26 years.

With such a large tree population, tree services are a massive necessity in Pembroke Pines. For trees to keep benefiting us aesthetically, preserving the environment, and providing home and food for animals, they have to be taken care of.

Tree Services Pembroke Pines To maintain their beauty, trees need services such as:

  • Thinning
  • Trimming
  • Topping
  • Shaping
  • Artistic and corrective pruning

Other tree services keep them healthy and ensure that they thrive and have longer lives. Such services include:

  • Aerating
  • Thinning
  • Storm and wind damage repair
  • Corrective pruning
  • Treating diseased trees and parts

Additionally, fruit, oak, and palm trees, as well as several other tree types, often need specialized services.

Ultimately, when you have trees in your yard, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in need of other services such as tree clearance and stump removal. You may also need clearing, repairing, utility line clearance, and tree hauling assistance. Our exceptional team at Affordable Tree Services is available to provide all these tree services in Pembroke Pines.

Do I Need Professional Tree Services?

Some tree care and maintenance may look so straightforward that you may be tempted to tackle it by yourself. However, without the right training, your chance of injuring yourself, or causing the irreparable tree damage is high. For instance, aerating a tree is an incredibly delicate process. It involves fluffing up the soil around the base of a tree for the roots to have more aeration. While it’s beneficial, the procedure involves a risk of destroying the roots of the tree, and this risk increases with lack of skill and expertise.

Thinning trees requires knowledge about tree spacing. Otherwise, you might end up leaving you trees less space than they need, which may be detrimental to their health and survival.
To remove a tree, you need specific equipment and expertise to make sure you complete the process without injuries to people or damage to property. Dozens of people in Broward County end up hospitalized and destroying structures yearly from incorrect tree removal.

These are just a few hand-picked examples of why you should never consider servicing your tree by yourself. For you and your trees to remain safe, you should take the prudent option and call reliable tree services professionals to help you out.

Professional Tree Services in Pembroke Pines – What Are My Options?

Pembroke Pines Tree Service Company

Benefit from our array of tree maintenance services in Pembroke Pines that include artistic and corrective pruning, trimming, thinning, topping and clearing unwanted tree parts.

With trees being a dominant part of the city, Pembroke Pines has several options for tree service companies. However, in your quest to find the best one, you should look for a company that is time-tested with a nostalgic attachment to the city. This gives you a better chance of receiving enthusiastic and satisfactory services. With its deep history of love for trees, the residents of Pembroke Pines have always required tree services. Conveniently, Affordable Tree Services is here to provide a wide variety of commercial and residential tree services, including aerating and thinning trees to make them thrive and grow stronger.

Trees in Pembroke Pines are nothing if not beautiful.

However, if left in your neighborhood to grow as they do in the wild, they can turn your home into ruins. This is why we offer artistic and corrective pruning, trimming, topping,  clearing, and utility line clearance. These services maintain trees as beautiful assets rather than wild liabilities.

Trees that pose a danger to people and structures need removal. Also, if you have a stump that compromises the beauty of your yard or stands in the way of a driveway you want to create, we can take care of it for you with stump and root grinding services. When bad weather leaves you with a fallen tree in your yard or on your house, we offer hauling services to take it off your hands.

Affordable Tree Service in Pembroke Pines also take care of specialty trees such as fruit, oak, and palms.

We also have the ability to check the health of a disease-stricken tree, assess the damage, and try to heal and revive it. Pembroke Pines has been the victim of devastating hurricanes in the past; however, even when the hurricanes give us a break, we still experience intense storms and winds, which cause different levels of damage to our trees. Our professionals at Affordable Tree Service will try to repair the damage and remove the trees that pose a potential danger. True to our name, we offer seasonal discounts and are available all year round. What’s more, if you think that a tree should be taken care of quickly, talk to us – we provide same-day services.

At Affordable Tree Service, we offer professional work and staff who complete their job with a passion.  Contact us today for all your tree needs.

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