Pinecrest Stump Grinding services

Pinecrest Stump Grinding services

Pinecrest Stump Grinding services

Do people in Pinecrest require stump grinding and stump removal services? Well, like most cities in Florida, Pinecrest, boasts a high tree population on both residential and commercial properties. The city features a vast array of native and exotic species of trees on properties, public parks, and walkways, as well as private and public roads.

These exotic and native Florida tree species include the Southern Live Oaks, Tropical Hardwood Hammock, Ficus, Banyan tree, Talipot Palms, Poinciana trees, Bald Cypress, and Figs. The trees in this upmarket and sparsely populated residential suburb, provide Pinecrest residents with shade, beauty, protection from harsh weather, and cooling during hot summer afternoons.

Homeowners, who make up  92% of the city’s populace, are tasked with the care and maintenance of the trees on their properties. While DIY tree care can resolve some tree maintenance needs, equipment-intensive tasks such as stump grinding require a professional work crew armed with task-specific equipment. Fortunately for Pinecrest residents, Affordable Tree Service offers expert same-day stump grinding and other tree services at customer-friendly rates.

Importance of Stump Grinding to Pinecrest residents

Termite Control through Tree Stump Removal

Control Termite Damage Through Professional Stump Grinding

Whether in a residential home setup or commercial premises, tree stumps can considerably lower the aesthetic appeal of manicured lawns. Tree stumps can also injure kids while they play, trip a person walking in a yard at night and even host stinging and biting insect pests such as wasps, Argentine ants, Carpenter ants, and Southern Fire ants.


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    Destructive insect pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, and hardwood stump borers, can also build nests in old decaying tree stumps. These insect pests cause extensive damage to nearby structures, such as tool sheds, and to the house as well.

    Furthermore, tree stumps can cause substantial damage to the rotating blades of lawnmowers and electric grass trimmers while cutting tall grass. As a consequence, homeowners end up incurring unexpected repair and replacement costs.

    While leaving a stump to rot may sound like an ideal option, this process can take months and sometimes years. Additionally, stumps when left in the ground for too long harbor insect pests that can then spread to trees, plants growing in a garden, and even your home.

    It is, therefore, advisable to remove all tree stumps on both commercial and residential properties. Fortunately, Pinecrest residents can rely on Affordable Tree Service for efficient and expert stump grinding service.

    Stump Grinding Service Procedure

    Tree Stump Removal Technology

    Rotating at 1350 RPM, the blade on a stump grinder makes short work of tree stumps

    Once you place a call for stump grinding with Affordable Tree Service, we dispatch an experienced field team to your property. This work crew brings along specialized equipment necessary for fast and efficient tree stump grinding, such as the Red Roo SP5014TX Stump Grinder.

    This particular stump grinder features a hydraulic scrape blade, all-terrain rubber tracks, a powerful diesel engine, and a 14-inch cutting blade with a 1500 arc swing.

    The stump removal process involves the following steps:

    1. Our team unloads the stump grinder from a branded Affordable Tree Service truck. A crewman then starts the grinder’s engine, which enables him/her to easily maneuver the heavy self-propelled machinery to the location of the stump. The rubber tracks on the grinder allow it to move over a wide range of challenging areas, including muddy ground, steep slopes, and rocky terrain.
    2. Experienced crew member expertly grinds down a tree stump

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      On reaching the stump, an experienced team member engages the cutting blade, which rotates at 1350 RPM. He/she then carefully lowers the spinning cutter head towards the outer periphery of the tree stump.

    3. The operator then guides the side-to-side motion of the cutting blade as it moves across the tree stump. On reaching the opposite end of the stump, the worker lowers the cutting blade further into the stump and continues to grind it down in the opposite direction. He/she repeats this grinding motion until no part of the stump remains above ground level.

    The impeccable efficiency of stump grinders allows Affordable Tree Service field personnel to complete multiple tree stump operations in a single day. An experienced tree service team can grind down a small tree stump in no more than twenty minutes. More massive tree stumps, on the other hand, can use up a whole hour or more, especially if the stump is from a hardwood tree. Luckily for Pinecrest residents, Affordable Tree Service offers incredibly friendly rates for all stump grinding services.

    Advantages of Choosing Affordable Tree Service for Stump Grinding

    When you are a Pinecrest resident with a tree stump problem, Affordable Tree Service is the tree company to go to for efficient same-day stump grinding service. Some of the advantages of hiring our tree service company include:

    • Affordable, same-day stump grinding services
    • State-of-the-art equipment that can handle diverse stump grinding tasks
    • Competent, experienced and qualified field personnel capable of handling any stump grinding job
    • Recycling and re-use of stump grinding waste products, such as the use of wood chippings for mulching in fruit orchards and gardens
    • 24/7 customer service by a team versed in a vast array of tree services

    When you are looking for an all-in-one tree service provider with integrated services that meet all your needs, look no further than Affordable Tree Service.

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    If you have any questions, or if you need Tree service in Pinecrest or the surrounding areas, please contact us at: 305-823-2345 (Miami-Dade) | 954-436-9111 (Broward), one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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