Storm Damaged My Tree… Miami Shores - Fort Lauderdale

Storm Damaged My Tree… What to Do?

A Storm Damaged My Tree… What Should I Do?

Storm Damaged My Tree - Miami Shores - Fort LauderdaleIt can be traumatic when a storm blows through the neighborhood and wreaks havoc on your trees. For many homeowners, trees have sentimental value, such as a sapling you planted when you moved in or to mark the birth of a child. Often, they provide much-valued privacy and shade. After a storm, time is of the essence in assessing the damage to your trees and you will need to contact a local tree service so that appropriate action can be taken to try and save them.

How Badly is the Tree Damaged?

Sometimes, tree damage will be obvious, as in the case of broken, split, hanging or fallen branches. You may also notice if the soil around the base of the tree is disturbed, particularly if it’s raised on one side and depressed on the other. Roots may be exposed or lifted out of the soil or a tree may be noticeably leaning to one side.

When a tree has been severely and visibly damaged by a storm that has blown through Miami Shores, calling a local tree service for assistance as soon as possible is the wisest action to take. That tree could be at risk of falling and causing damage to your home, property, and family, or that of your neighbors.

After the Storm – First Steps to Aid Your Tree

Leave high, big or heavy branches with damage to a tree service in South Florida; they have the tools and equipment to safely trim or remove them. However, you can prune smaller broken branches back to the larger branch to avoid further damage to the tree. Don’t go overboard trying to make the tree look even on both sides, though – you might take off more branches than needed and actually hinder the tree’s ability to recover.


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    You can protect your tree from potential insect damage by using a chisel or similar tool to smooth out any rough edges where tree bark has been broken or torn away. Spots where the bark has been removed can be very tempting to insects, and those uneven breaks can serve as pockets for bugs to hide and start chewing, further harming the tree.

    When to Call a Local Tree Service

    Whenever you suspect there has been damage to your trees after a storm hits Fort Lauderdale, it’s a good idea to call a local tree service. They’re well-equipped and highly trained in handling severe damage while also working hard to save trees whenever possible. A tree specialist can also identify problems you might not notice, such as areas of the tree that may be vulnerable in the next storm. For example, decay isn’t always obvious to the average homeowner but it can deal a fatal blow to your favorite tree during a storm. In some cases, it will be necessary to consider tree removal; South Florida storms can be too much for an already-damaged tree to handle.

    Contact Affordable Tree Service, Inc. when you’re looking for tree removal near you. Our expertly trained and professional teams can provide the guidance you need in caring for your damaged trees after a storm. Reach out with your concerns and we’ll happily provide you with a free evaluation and estimate.

    If you have any questions on how to remove a tree in Miami Shores or the surrounding areas, please contact us at: 305-823-2345 (Miami-Dade) | 954-436-9111 (Fort Lauderdale), one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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