Fort Lauderdale Stump Removal

Fort Lauderdale Stump Removal

Fort Lauderdale Stump Removal

Located at the heart of South Florida, Fort Lauderdale not only boasts a high density of inhabitants but also features an extensive tree population. Trees found in this residential suburb include several native and exotic species on both commercial and residential properties. Native tree species in this locale include Live Oak, Royal Poinciana, Sweet Acacia, and West Indian Mahogany. Palm trees make up most of the exotic tree species and include the Alexander Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, and Foxtail Palm. The large population of trees is why Fort Lauderdale property owners often require expert tree services to care for trees on their properties.

Some of the tree care services that companies like Affordable Tree Service provide include:
Fort Lauderdale Stump Removal

  • Tree lopping that lowers a tree’s height when it gets too close to power lines
  • Removal of ugly tree stumps from yards to enhance their aesthetic appeal
  • Removal of tree branches that pose a physical danger to passers-by and nearby structures
  • Cutting down of diseased and pest-infested trees
  • Trimming tree crowns to realize uniform canopies
  • Conversion of trees in a lot into timber and firewood


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    These tasks are often labor and equipment-intensive and, therefore, require experienced work crews armed with task-specific machinery. Fortunately, Affordable Tree Service provides professional and budget-friendly stump removal services to both residential and commercial properties.

    Benefits of Stump Removal Service in Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Lauderdale property owners who choose Affordable Tree Service for stump removal benefit in a number of ways. These benefits include:
    Stump Removal Service to remove insect infestations in Fort Lauderdale

    • Realization of flawless beauty within yards after the removal of unsightly decaying tree stumps
    • Total destruction of insect nests that house destructive insect pest species, such as termites, Carpenter Ants, and Hardwood Stump Borer Beetles
    • Complete elimination of stinging and biting insect colonies established within rotting tree stumps which include wasps, Southern Fire Ants, and Argentine Ants
    • Efficient removal of potential pathogen-carrying tree debris from residential and commercial properties after infected trees get cut down.
    • Reduced risk of equipment damage that occurs when lawnmower blades encounter hidden tree stumps

    The above list clearly shows the wide range of benefits that stump removal offers residential and commercial property owners in Fort Lauderdale. Therefore, residents of this residential suburb should look no further than Affordable Tree Service for an affordable and comprehensive stump removal package deals.

    Fort Lauderdale Stump Removal Process

    After hiring Affordable Tree Service for stump removal, we promptly dispatch a work crew to your location. This field team comes equipped with specialized machinery dedicated to the removal of tree stumps. The Stump Splitter is one such task-specific piece of equipment that attaches to the hydraulic arm of an excavator.

    Below is a detailed step-by-step procedure involving the use of the Stump Splitter attachment to carry out stump removal.
    Fort Lauderdale Stump Removal Company

    1. Upon arrival at a job site, our field team embarks on unloading the excavator from an Affordable Tree Service branded carrier truck.
    2. Once the excavator is safely on the ground, the crew proceeds to connect the task-specific attachment to its arm. An experienced crew member then starts the engine and guides the powerful piece of equipment to the location of the stump(s).
    3. The operator uses the stump splitter to dig around the stump and progressively rip away large pieces of it. In this manner, Affordable Tree Service work crews remove small stumps in a matter of minutes.

    Large stump removal jobs often necessitate that crew members operate stump removal equipment in shifts. This way, we can offer same-day removal for multi-stump jobs to Fort Lauderdale residents.

    At the completion of the stump removal, an operator maneuvers the excavator back on the carrier truck. Doing so allows for a cleanup of the worksite.

    It’s worth noting that Affordable Tree Service, usually, assigns full-sized excavators for large stump removal jobs and operations featuring multiple tree stumps. However, truck-mounted hydraulic arms are often adequate for small stump removal jobs. Fort Lauderdale residents can rely on the ample experience of Affordable Tree Service for expert same-day stump removal services.

    Advantages of Hiring Affordable Tree Service for Tree Stump Removal

    Some of the advantages that Fort Lauderdale residents can expect from Affordable Tree service include:

    • Economical same-day stump removal
    • 24/7 customer service from a team versed in a vast array of the latest tree services
    • Task-specific stump grinding equipment capable of handling singular and multi-stump grinding jobs.
    • Qualified, experienced and competent work crews capable of handling any stump grinding task
    • Environmentally friendly use of stump grinding waste products, such as the use of wood chips for mulching in fruit orchards and kitchen gardens

    When you reside in Fort Lauderdale and are in search of a stump grinding provider with an impeccable work record, look no further than Affordable Tree Service.

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