Tree Service Davie, Florida

Tree Service Davie, Florida

Tree Service DavieTree Service Davie

Tree Service Davie – Your trees may be the most noticeable adornment on your property. Beyond their beauty, they provide shade and protection for your home or office, often with minimal care. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable tree service in Broward County when your trees need care. Services like tree trimming, pruning and removal, as well as, stump grinding and removal can make the difference between a healthy landscape that provides curb appeal for years to come or sickly trees that could drop branches during storms or without warning, risking life and property.

Common Tree Services

A local Davie tree service can perform all of the tasks necessary to keep your trees healthy and strong. When it’s time for a tree to come down because of illness or age, professional tree workers can do it with minimal disruption to surrounding trees or landscaping. Regular trimming and pruning can help trees reach their best height while growing safely, especially if power lines, homes or other structures are nearby. Removal services — whether planned or emergency — can protect property owners from a dangerous job that usually requires special equipment and tools.

Common Tree Problems

As much as property owners may love their trees, there are times when they require professional tree care, including tree trimming or tree removal. Perhaps the regal palms that sold you on your first home in Davie, Florida are aging or you’ve noticed that the latest wind and rain storm to come through left a crack in a tree branch. Maybe the tree that used to bloom in glorious color every spring has become subdued or not bloomed at all. Just like you’d turn to a professional if someone in your family didn’t feel well, it’s important to do the same for your trees. Age, insects, and storm damage can cause irreversible harm if left untreated. Skilled care can improve your trees’ chances of recovery instead of removal.

Why Call a Davie Tree Service?

Local professional tree workers are highly educated on the most common causes of local tree problems, from pests to funguses and other diseases. When carrying out typical tree maintenance on your property, they can spot signs of insects or damage in the early stages and possibly save the tree. If the tree can’t be saved, a licensed and insured team of tree workers can remove a tree with speed and safety in mind. Property owners can choose to have the remaining stump kept in the ground or removed. After a storm, you may have concerns about how well your trees have weathered strong winds, excessive rains or even lightning strikes. A professional tree service is qualified to help you decide whether it’s time for some trees to come down or if they may recover with pruning and care.

Trust the local tree care professionals of Affordable Tree Service for tree trimming and tree removal services. You’ll get free estimates and a licensed and insured team from the best tree service to perform all work to your satisfaction in Davie, Florida.

If you have any questions about tree service in Davie or the surrounding areas, please contact us at:  954-436-9111 (Davie, Broward) | 305-823-2345 (Miami-Dade)  one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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