Hammock Oaks Tree Services

Hammock Oaks Tree Services

Hammock Oaks Tree Services

Hammock Oaks is a classy gated community located in Coral Gables. Along with nearby Old Cutler Bay, Hammock Oaks is the fourth-richest neighborhood in the US.

The prestigious area has a little over one hundred homes on the waterfront of Biscayne Bay that have striking views of the blue waters and tropical vegetation. The vegetation is a substantial part of the community’s beauty. To ensure that the trees remain an aesthetic complement to the entire neighborhood, residents of Hammock Oaks need to provide the residents with access to professional tree management services.

Trees need several maintenance practices that one could consider handling themselves. However, tree management services often entail delicate – even dangerous – methods; this is why you need to have proven tree service professionals, such as Affordable Trees Inc., work on your trees.


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    Here are a few of the tree services our company offers in Hammock Oaks and reasons why you need them.

    Our Professional Tree Services in Hammock Oaks

    Maintaining healthy trees is quite a task with several factors to consider. The insects and diseases that can infest your trees are many, and pest control and disease treatment is one critical service you may need. Pests can inflict significant damage to your trees. Some of the pests to watch out for include:

    • Aphids
    • Willow leaf beetles
    • Bark beetles
    • Weevils
    • Spider mites
    • Emerald ash borers

    Eradicating these pests effectively and securely is a task for professionals.

    Diseases can affect your tree’s health, compromising its growth and affecting its outward look along with other complications. Only a qualified and certified arborist can accurately diagnose the problem and come up with the best treatment plan. Some of the common diseases your trees may develop include:

    • Phytophthora Root Rot
    • Oak Wilt
    • Leaf Spot Diseases
    • Canker Disease
    • Needle cast
    • Rust diseases
    • Fire blight

    The right treatment stops the infection in the affected tree and prevents spread to other trees and plants.

    Storm and wind damage repair is another critical service tree owners need. The aftermath of a storm often leaves behind severe tree damage, and in some instances, the damage may require expert inspection. Fallen trees, hanging limbs yet to touch the ground, and broken branches are some of the cases which need immediate attention. If not taken care of, they pose a danger to the health of the tree, the neighboring property and structures, and people passing nearby.
    Tree Trimming Service Company in Hammock Oaks Work to clear the damage and make necessary repairs should consider the surrounding property and the safety of all people as well as the welfare of the tree.

    Another vital service is trimming and pruning of tree branches. Scientific research shows that pruning encourages plants to thrive. Some of the benefits of pruning include creating more robust trees, increasing their lifespan, and allowing for more sun to get through the canopy. Pruning also increases protection from harsh weather and removes unhealthy and even unsightly sections.

    Trimming and pruning is a regular tree service in Hammock Oaks, Coral Gables. Knowing when to prune is essential, and while this depends on the shape you wantto achieve and the type of tree, you should never go beyond three years without pruning. You may also need to prune your tree when dead branches are visible or when branches get near utility lines or touch the outside of your home.

    Tree Removal

    Despite the value of trees in the environment, there are a handful of various reasons why you may need to remove a tree, including:

    • If a tree looks weak and susceptible to felling by storms and hurricanes
    • If a tree violates zoning laws, view ordinances, subdivision rules, or existent easements
    • When a tree dies
    • When a tree becomes untreatably diseased
    • When there is congestion of trees in one place

    Sickly or dead trees need removal since they compromise the beauty of the environment. Tree removal gets more dangerous as the size of the tree grows. The process could cause harm to people and property, especially if an unqualified person does it. Medical facilities in Hammock Oaks hospitalize numerous people every year for gardening-related injuries, many of which are attributable to tree removal. The best way to handle tree removal is through a professional tree cutting and removal company.

    Additionally, when you remove a tree, you’ll be left with a stump that compromises the beauty of your yard. What’s more, such a stump can be a safety hazard, causing injuries when unwitting people walk near them. Removing stumps allows you to plant a new tree or flowers or construct a driveway or any structure you’d want. At Affordable Tree Service, our professional staff can not only fell your trees, but we can also remove the stumps that this process leaves behind.

    Stump Removal and Grinding

    Hammock Oaks Stump Removal and Grinding Company Property owners might have to deal with tree stumps at one point or another. You may buy a piece of land with old stumps or have stumps left after removing a tree from your property. You have to choose whether to remove them or leave them where they lie. Removing stumps may be very necessary since they may cause problems for commercial and residential premises, especially during development. You can’t build structures or plant new trees where trees have been removed without having to deal with the stumps.

    The easiest way that some people opt for is using the stump weed-killer and hoping that it’ll effectively kill off the stump and prevent suckering or regrowth. The disadvantages of this method include leaving trip hazards in your yard and compromising the beauty of your lawn.

    The other alternative is stump grinding, and it comes with the following advantages:

    • Grinding down a stump maintains the beauty of your yard and allows you to develop it.
    • Stump grinding is easier than regular stump removal. It demands less time and costs.
    • Unlike regular stump removal, stump grinding causes much less damage to the lawn and surrounding vegetation.
    • Grinding stumps makes your yard safe for children to play in and convenient for the use of lawn mowing equipment. Stumps are trip hazards when they stand in your yard.
    • By grinding a stump, you discourage weed and insect infestation, affecting the grass and plants in your yard.

    Tree Trimming in Hammock Oaks

    Pruning of trees improves their appearance, health, and safety. Among the common reasons why people trim trees include the removal of parts of a tree that are;

    • Dead
    • Dying
    • Diseased
    • Overcrowded
    • Hazardous

    However, in a storm and hurricane-prone region such as Florida, you should consider some specific forms of pruning. If you think a particular branch is hanging dangerously and risks being broken and felled in harsh windy weather, you should cut it.

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