Tree Service in Miramar

Tree Service in Miramar

Tree Service in MiramarTree Service in Miramar – Choosing the Best!

Tree Service in Miramar – Regular tree care supports strong tree growth while reducing unexpected loss of diseased or damaged limbs in storms. Broken branches and limbs pose a threat to people and property when they become projectiles.

When you need tree service in Miramar ; Affordable Tree Service has courteous and professional arborists and tree specialists to serve you. We offer help in keeping your trees in full health while addressing any underlying concerns, including tree trimming, pruning, tree removal and stump removal when needed.

Full Service Tree Care in Miramar

Affordable Tree Service, Inc. is a tree service company, providing Miramar, Broward County, Miami and surrounding areas with professional tree services since 1985, we have decades of experience in tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal and stump removal services.

When to call a tree service in Miramar

Are the tree branches in your front yard overgrown? We’ve all been there. We mean to call the tree company, and a month passes, and another, and before we realize it, it becomes a problem. One of the first signs of an overgrown tree is broken branches. If you notice broken branches on the ground, or tangled in your tree, it is probably time to call the tree company.

Broken branches can cause damages, even fall on passersby, exposing you to liability; but they can be even more dangerous when tangled in the tree. Branches caught up in your trees will not fall unless the wind starts to blow; and with enough wind, they can easily turn into dangerous projectiles which can hit you, your family, or others and their property. Having the trees in your front yard maintained on a yearly basis will enhance the look of your front yard and minimize the chances of accidents resulting from broken branches.

Tree Trimming License Miramar

The Broward County Board of County Commissioners adopted an ordinance regulating the tree trimming industry. This action was taken as a result of concerns about the quality of tree trimming practiced in the county, and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. All businesses or governmental agencies that perform tree trimming in Miramar, Broward County are required to obtain a Tree Trimmer License.

Call Affordable Tree Service for a free estimate on tree service in Miramar to keep your property safe and beautiful.

If you have any questions about tree service in Miramar Broward County or the surrounding areas, please contact us at: 954-436-9111 (Miramar, Broward County) | 305-823-2345 (Miami), one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

The Best Tree Service Fort Lauderdale – Miramar and all of Broward County!

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