Weston Tree Removal

Weston Tree Removal

Weston Tree Removal

Weston Tree Cutting & Removal – Weston has one of the largest tree populations of any city in Florida, with well over 34,000 trees. Native and exotic species of palm trees line all major and minor roadways in this plush suburb and include Chinese Fan, Sabal, Piccabeen, and Alexander Palms. In addition to beautiful palm trees, several other tree species grace the backyards of residential and commercial properties in Weston. Some notable tree species found collectively in woodlots or as landscape centerpieces include Red Maple, Black Mangrove, Fiddlewood, Southern Magnolia, Sweet Acacia, and Marlberry.

Weston’s trees are a major reason why the city is ranked as one of the best places in Florida to live. The trees enhance the beauty of the suburb, ensure high air quality by filtering out pollutants, lower water pollution by reducing surface run-off during storms, and provide cooling shade during hot summer afternoons.

Professional Tree Removal Services in Weston

Tree removal company in Weston

Although some DIY tree cutting tips may work for your Weston home, tree removal require specialized equipment that only full-service tree removal experts can offer.

No Weston resident can deny that trees play an important role in making the city a conducive place to live. This is why home and building owners make considerable effort to take care of the trees located on their properties. While it is possible to carry out DIY maintenance of a front or backyard, a large proportion of tree removal tasks require specialized knowledge and equipment to implement.


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    Examples of such tasks include:

    • Removal of broken branches from mature trees
    • Cutting down and safely removing diseased trees
    • Removing branches in close proximity to power lines, roadways, and other amenities
    • Removal of old tree stumps from front and backyards
    • Thinning out fruit trees from crowded orchards
    • Removal and disposal of fallen trees after stormy weather
    • Shredding of tree debris to allow easy and convenient disposal
    • Hauling of large and heavy tree logs from residential and commercial properties
    • Expertly and efficiently converting trees from a woodlot into valuable timber

    Luckily, Weston residents can rely on competent and experienced work crews from Affordable Tree Service for efficient same-day tree removal service. The vast range of tree removal services we offer include:

    1. Removal of Uprooted Trees

    Tree removal after storm in weston

    Let a reliable Weston tree removal company take care of storm-uprooted trees

    As a consequence of its location in the low-lying coastal state of Florida, Weston hosts infrequent but often fierce storms. The gale-force winds that accompany these tropical storms are known for their ability to uproot large trees, which can cause considerable damage and inconvenience when they fall on houses, power lines, roads, and other amenities.

    Luckily, residents of this coastal city can count on Affordable Tree Service for the prompt removal of fallen trees. Our crew uses chainsaws to cut up large uprooted trees into logs and hydraulic loaders to lift these logs onto waiting trucks that haul their cargo to designated disposal facilities.

    2. Removal of Branches in Close Proximity to Power Lines

    Electric cable tree cutting and trimming in Weston

    Our Weston tree removal service includes getting rid of branches that pose a potential electric danger.

    A tree poses a considerable health risk when its branches come into contact with power lines. The danger increases exponentially during wet weather because wet branches and trunks can carry a large electric current from the grid to the damp ground around the tree.

    As a consequence, a human being or pet can get severely electrocuted while near the tree after a downpour. Fortunately, our crew at Affordable Tree Service have the experience and tools necessary to safely and expertly remove all branches on your property that are too close to power lines.

    3. Removal of Tree Debris after Tropical Storms

    In addition to uprooting trees, powerful winds can break and carry away broken branches and uprooted plant matter from one property to another. This tree and plant debris are what homeowners find scattered all over their property after a storm.

    Debris removal after hurricanes in Weston

    Affordable Tree Service professionals in Weston are waiting to help you remove and dispose debris.

    Getting rid of tree debris in your yard is a tedious and time-consuming task involving gathering it into piles, shredding up small and medium branches, sawing thick branches into smaller pieces, and hauling everything off to a designated organic waste disposal facility. However, when you hire our team at Affordable Tree Service for tree debris removal and disposal, we will save you from all this hassle. Our professional crew will have your yard looking spick and span in no time at all.

    4. Removal of Trees Too Close to a Building or House

    It is inconvenient to have a tree too close to a building or house for two main reasons. First, the accumulation of decaying leaves on a roof accelerates the corrosion of galvanized roofing sheets, the degradation of tiles, and rot in wooden roof shingles. Over time, this break down allows leaks to develop, which can cause extensive water damage to roof support beams, ceilings, and walls.

    Second, such a tree can hinder access to the house or building. Luckily, Weston residents don’t have to worry about this as they can hire Affordable Tree Service to remove such trees, thereby saving money on costly roof repair expenses.

    Protect your property by keeping your trees healthy and well-maintained through expert care from Affordable Tree Service, Inc.

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