Weston Tree Services

Weston Tree Services

Weston Tree Services

Ranked one of the best places to live in Florida by CNN Money’s magazine, Weston is one of Florida’s pristine suburban settlements. This city, whose western border lies next to the Everglades, has one of the largest tree populations of any suburb in Florida. This attribute is why Weston tree removal companies have a notable presence in the city.

Weston, FL Tree Service Company

In addition to enhancing the beauty of the residential area, Weston’s trees also reduce air pollution, provide shade on hot afternoons, cool the air around residences, and lower water pollution by reducing surface run-off during storms.

Several native palm tree species line both private and public roads in Weston. Examples of iconic Florida Palm tree speciesFlorida Palm tree species used in this manner include Alexander, Canary Island Date, Chinese Fan, Foxtail, Sabal, Mexican Fan, and Piccabeen Palms.

Private residences, commercial premises, and public parks also feature tree lots with native and exotic Florida-friendly tree species, including Sweet Acacia, Red Maple, Marlberry, Black Mangrove, Poinciana, Fiddlewood, and Southern Magnolia.


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    Why Weston Residents Need Affordable Tree Services

    Weston Tree Trimming and Pruning

    While you may opt for DIY tree care, some tree maintenance tasks require specialized equipment that only a full-service tree company can offer.

    While having trees in your backyard comes with several notable benefits, a large proportion of tree maintenance tasks fall outside the scope of DIY. The reason being that these tasks often require expert knowledge and specialized equipment to carry out. Common examples of skill and equipment-intensive tree maintenance tasks include:

    The above tree services, and many others not listed, are why Weston city residents need the help of an affordable, professional, reliable, and experienced tree service company. Fortunately, Affordable Tree Service is an established company that offers a wide range of comprehensive tree services including:

    1. Aerating or Thinning

    Aerating or thinning involves carefully trimming out minor branches on a fruit tree to increase air circulation around the tree and remove excess foliage. Doing so enables the tree to divert valuable resources to the remaining parts of the plant, including the fruits, flowers, and growth buds. You can, therefore, increase the yields of your citrus or exotic fruit orchard considerably by hiring Affordable Tree Service to aerate the fruit trees in your orchard.

    2. Tree Trimming and Branch Removal

    If low-hanging branches pose a physical danger or simply make it difficult to keep your yard clean, then tree trimming offers a convenient solution. Our expert crew from Affordable Tree Service can remove branches in close proximity to power lines, street lights, windows, and so forth. Additionally, as part of our comprehensive service, we always shred all waste plant matter for easy and convenient disposal.

    3. Artistic Trimming

    You can maximize the aesthetic appeal of ornamental trees by hiring our experts at Affordable Tree Service to artistically trim your trees. Our landscaping professionals have experience in topping and shaping several ornamental trees and shrubs common to Florida, including Crape Myrtle, Lilac Muskogee, Chocolate Silk Tree, Mimosa Tree, Sweetbay Magnolia, and Ginko Tree.

    4. Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

    If you have an unsightly tree stump in your front or backyard, this service enables you to get rid of it. Once you place your call, we dispatch a team of experienced personnel to your premises with the proper tools to get the job done. Depending on the complexity of the tree stump removal task, the equipment ranges from basic hand tools such as shovels to heavy-duty hydraulic-operated machinery. Our crew then removes the tree stump entirely or grinds it down to ground level when removal is encumbered by the close proximity of the stump to vital infrastructure such as water lines. Before leaving your premises, our team will fill and level the hole left after the removal of the stump.

    5. Tree Pruning

    Tree cutting company

    Our tree cutting professionals in Weston are waiting to help you get rid of any unwanted trees or branches.

    At Affordable Tree Service, we own several trucks that feature personnel crane lifts capable of raising crew members to a height of 75 feet. This height allows our competent service personnel to carry out pruning on the tallest trees in any Weston neighborhood. Our crew also uses chainsaws and a variety of pruning tools to carry out minor branch reduction, which markedly adds to the health and appeal of a tree.

    6. Tree Cutting

    Diseased and pest-infested trees often require complete removal to prevent the spread of the condition to other trees and shrubs in the yard. However, disease and pests are not the only reasons you would want a tree cut down. Another valid reason to cut down trees involves turning a woodlot into valuable timber. Luckily, when you hire our team at Affordable Tree Service, we guarantee prompt and efficient same-day tree cutting.

    Keep the trees on your property looking their best by giving us a call today.

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    If you have any questions, or if you need Tree service in Weston or the surrounding areas, please contact us at: 305-823-2345 (Miami-Dade) | 954-436-9111 (Broward), one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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